Industrial - Warehouse, mines, and water treatment facilities.
*RN Electric is MSHA certified.

Commercial - Troubleshooting, tentant improvements, and new builds. Industrial Troubleshooting, motor controls, grounding, continuity testing, and voltage testing.

Residential - Low voltage, troubleshooting, adding cans, hanging ceiling fans, remodels, service upgrades, and new builds (Track homes and Custom homes). We also provide a lighting control package. The lighting control capabilities are controlling any lights or power outlets from one location.

Lighting Retrofit Services - RN Electric is offering a lighting retrofit solution to accomodate your business needs. Please contact us today for more information. We will work with you on saving maximum dollars on your retrofit utilizing numerous suppliers and SRP and APS on rebate programs. The goal in lighting retrofit design is to achieve an appropriate balance between energy savings, light quantity/quality, and envrinonmental friendliness.
Let us light up your life...